Assignment 1: Create your own cloud computing server (individual)

  1. Create a 48-core VM on ChameleonCloud;
  2. Install Anaconda Python;
  3. Run a Jupyter Notebook/JupyterLab server with password and SSL for encrypted communication;
  4. Login your Jupyter Notebook/JupyterLab server through web-browser;
  5. Open a terminal in Jupyter, save a image of your server, then submit a screenshot through Canvas;
  6. After submission, release your IP and server to other users (if you don’t use).

Assignment 2: Parallel computing (individual)

  1. Install htop;
  2. Define a function to clean, process, or analyze a large dataset of your interest;
  3. Compare the efficiency of serial computing to that of parallel computing;
  4. Use a Notebook to complete this assignment, submit the GitHub link of your Notebook through Canvas.

Assignment 3: Analysis of social networks (individual/group)