Because of the COVID-19, our remaining sessions will be online (week 9-14). There should be little impact on our learning if we handle the situation well. Here are some adjustments.

Online recordings. The online sessions will be recorded, and you can use them for asynchronous learning if you cannot attend every Monday morning. According to the University’s regulation: “class recordings are reserved only for students [instructor and TA(s)] in this class for educational purposes. The recordings should not be shared outside the class in any form. Violation of this restriction could lead to Student Misconduct proceedings.”

Attendance. For the remaining six (6) sessions, you need to virtually attend no less than three (3) sessions; otherwise, I’ll apply a 20-point penalty toward your final grade (e.g., 85 raw final - 20 penalty = 65 adjusted final). Exceptions are allowed but need to be approved by me and your advisor before April 15th. You need to provide valid evidence for the exception.

Revised weekly schedule. We originally have a week without class for you to work on your final project. I switched that week to the second week of spring break, so we will not miss any learning session. However, this means you are expected to work with your group members on your final project between 3/23-29. I’ve also adjusted the individual presentation accordingly, you can check the sign-up sheet for details.

Each session will be more structured. We are more familiar to and flexible in in-person sessions, but online session is new to all of us, and the course was not designed to be online. To easy the transformation and keep us focused on learning but not technologies and frustrations, the online sessions will be more structured. A typical session will comprise the following parts (around 2.5 hours):

  • First hour:
    1. Instructor’s review (~5 mins).
    2. Instructor’s lecture on readings (~20 mins).
    3. Group discussion on readings / hands-on practice (~30 mins).
  • Second hour:
    1. Break (10 mins).
    2. Student’s scheduled presentation (~30 mins).
    3. Q&A and instructor’s comments (~10 mins).
  • Third hour:
    1. Break (10 mins).
    2. Group discussion on final project (~30 mins).

Technologies used. We will be using the following technologies, please review the guides before our first online session (i.e., 3/30 Monday).

Class expectations. After group discussion, we agree on the following expectations:

  • Treat online session as in-person session, which means you are expected to have uninterrupted Monday mornings for learning.
  • Make video available whenever you can.
  • Mute yourself if not speak (also remember to unmute yourself if you speak).
  • Be patient if technology fails, and be patient with each other.
  • Actively use screen-share in breakout rooms.
  • Clear expectations about breakout-room discussion.
  • Regularly check in with group members.
  • Maximize the use of last hour for final project.
  • Write down expectations and deliverables.
  • Realize that virtual working and collaboration will be a new norm.